12:00:51 PM Monday, 27 September 2021

Malaysian Rubber Exchange


Reference Prices for Physical Rubber (Free on Board)
MRE issues and disseminates reference prices for physical rubber (FOB) twice daily, at 12.00 noon and 5.00 pm for the following types and grades of rubber.
  • Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) CV, SMR L, SMR 5, SMR GP, SMR 10 and SMR 20; and
  • Centrifuged Latex in Bulk (60%) DRC

Provision of Contracts
The MRE regulates the physical trade dealings of its members. The contracts provided by the MRE are as follows:
  • Contract No. 1 - Local Delivery
  • Contract No.2 - F.O.B Physical Rubber
  • Contract No.5 - Local Delivery for Preserved Latex
Claims and Arbitration

The MRE is the Arbitration Centre for those who trade on the MRE Contracts. The MRE is also one of the centres of arbitration under the International Rubber Associations (IRA) Contracts for technically Specified Rubbers and Preserved Rubber Latex in Drums.

MRE Publications
The MRE members are given free-of-charge the following periodicals:
  • Daily NR Market Watch
  • Weekly NR Market Recap
  • Malaysian Rubber Board Digest ( a monthly publication)
  • KL Rubber Market Newsletter (a monthly publication)
  • Malaysian Rubber Review (a quarterly publication)
  • Poster on Trends of SMR 20 Prices and Market Factors (an annual publication)
  • MRE Membership Directory (an annual publication)
Promotional and Social Activities

The MRE also organises the MRE dinner and golf tournament annually as part of its efforts to provide an opportunity for the members of the trade to interact and to foster business ties with each other. Both activities attract local and international rubber industry as well as representatives from local and international rubber associations. It is a great platform for both local and international rubber industry representatives to strengthen their existing network and to develop new business ties.


The MRE hosted a series of meetings in line with the roles of MRE, which was established for the promotion, development and proper conduct of the rubber trade in Malaysia. The meetings are:

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  2. MRE Management Committee (MC)
  3. Price Review Committee (PRC)
  4. Price Advisory Panel (PAP)
  5. Committee Dispute Resolution (CDR)
  6. Industry Discipline Committee (IDC)
  7. Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
  8. Others sub-committee meetings
Technical Missions/Working Visit

The MRB through the MRE organises technical missions to other countries to promote and establish closer rapport and increase the market share of Malaysian natural rubber.

Among the objectives of the missions is to foster and strengthen relationship with the private sector and rubber industry associations from the host country with the aim of establishing cooperation in the areas of the rubber industry and trade.

International Linkages:
1. ASEAN Rubber Business Council

Together with the Federation of the Rubber Trade Association of Malaysia, the MRE is the Permanent Secretariat of the ASEAN Rubber Business Council. Other members of the Council are:-

  • Rubber Association of Indonesia (GAPKINDO)
  • Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS)
  • Thai Rubber Association (TRA)
  • Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA)
  • Association for Rubber Development of Cambodia (ARDC)
  • Myanmar Rubber Planters and Producers Association (MRPPA)
2. International Rubber Associations (IRA)

The MRE is a member of IRA Management Committee the membership of which extends to Associations engaged in the production, consumption or marketing of natural rubber.