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Malaysian Rubber Exchange

About MRE

THE MALAYSIAN RUBBER EXCHANGE (MRE) is the sole regulatory and supervisory body, set up for the promotion, development and proper conduct of the trade and commerce and the distribution and marketing of, rubber in Malaysia. Established in 1962 under the Federation of Malaya Rubber Exchange (Incorporation) Act, 1962, it has since January 1, 1998 been emplaced under the Malaysian Rubber Board by virtue of the Malaysian Rubber Board Act, 1996.

  • to make arrangements and regulations for the proper conduct of the trade;
  • to make and enforce bye-laws and contract terms of the MRE;
  • to act as an arbitration centre for the settlement of disputes;
  • to provide facilities for co-operation in all matters affecting the trade;
  • to safeguard the interests of the members of the MRE, in as far as the rules and regulations so allow

To qualify for membership, the applicant must be of reliable standing and financially sound. There are two categories of membership, viz. Ordinary and Associate.

Ordinary Members

Being those:
  1. whose names appear in the Register before 1 January 1998; or
  2. who carry on or intend to carry on business in the rubber trade or industry in and from a place of business in Malaysia and -
    1. in the case of individuals, are ordinarily resident in Malaysia, or
    2. in the case of corporations, are incorporated in and registered under any written law of Malaysia;

Associate Members

Comprise those outside Malaysia, who are members of recognised rubber trade associations, rubber or commodity exchanges or other associations connected with the rubber trade in that area.


The amount payable by members are as follows: -

Category Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
Ordinary Members
Producers, Brokers, Dealers and Users
Associate Members

Further details regarding application for Membership can be obtained from the Malaysian Rubber Exchange, Economics, Licensing & Enforcement Division.

Contact Information

If you have any queries, please contact us at:

Malaysian Rubber Exchange
Malaysian Rubber Board
4th Floor, Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara)
148 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: (6) 03 9206 2092
Fax: (6) 03 2161 6586
E-mail: mre@lgm.gov.my