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Elastomeric Pads for Offshore Gas Production Platforms
Elastomeric pads are high impact energy absorbers that are used during installation of offshore gas top integrated deck production platforms. In deepwater offshore gas production, it is cost effective that the top decks are fabricated and commissioned onshore. After completion, the top deck is then floatover by barges into the open sea and mated onto pre-installed steel jacket legs structures in the designated production field.

The elastomeric pads are placed onto each of the jackets legs. During offshore transfer of the top deck onto the jacket legs, high impact energy is generated and this is absorbed by the elastomeric pads that are made of natural rubber.

High technological inputs are required in the design of the elastomeric pad. It has to carry the load ranging from 8,000 ton to 12,000 ton weight of the top integrated deck. These elastomeric pads are also subjected to large displacement in the static and dynamic conditions.

The MRB has been consulted and successfully undertook several projects started in 1995 on the use of the elastomeric pads in the installation of offshore gas production top integrated decks. Typical elastomeric pads are shown in Figure 1 and installation of the deck is in Figure 2.

Installation of top integrated deck
Figure 2: Installation of top integrated deck

Manufacturing of Elastomeric Pads
Elastomeric pad is made up of an assembly of modular units of outer diameter ranges from 1.2 m to 1.8 m. and height from 1.4 m to 2.3 m. Each modular units is fabricated separately prior to assembly.

Elastomeric Pads

Elastomeric Pads
Figure 1: Elastomeric Pads
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