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Low Nitrosamine NR Latex Products
Baby TeatsThe MRB has developed a new generation peroxide prevulcanised NR latex that produces product with improved ageing resistance, stable colour during drying and low level of extractable proteins. Treatment of this material produces products with low extractable protein and allergenic protein contents.

There are three important approaches to produce low nitrosamine latex products: Baby Teats
  • Using low nitrosamine accelerator system such as zinc dibenzyldithiocarbamate/zinc mercaptobenzothiazole

  • Peroxide prevulcanised NR latex, and

  • Radiation vulcanised NR latex. The level of nitrosamine in latex products could also be reduced to a certain degree by surface treatment and washing of latex films. The concern of non-volatile nitrosamines and cytotoxicity of additives used in latex product may affect future acceptability of the zinc dibenzyldithiocarbamate/zinc mercaptobenzothiazole system.

There are other advantages of producing products from peroxide prevulcanised latex or radiation vulcanised latex. Unlike those prepared using accelerated latex vulcanising systems, peroxide or radiation vulcanised latex does not contain vulcanising accelerators that could cause type IV allergic reactions, zinc compounds that pose disposal problem of products, nor sulphur containing compounds that make the product unsuitable for applications in the electronic industry and safe product disposal by incineration.

Manufacturing Process

A. Using ZBED (zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate) / ZMBT (zinc mercaptobenzothiazole) accelerated sulphur vulcanising system
ZBED (zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate) / ZMBT (zinc mercaptobenzothiazole) accelerated sulphur vulcanizing system

B. Using peroxide prevulcanised NR latex
Peroxide prevulcanized NR latex

C. Using radiation vulcanised NR latex
Radiation vulcanized NR latex

Other Info
  Processing Flow Chart
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