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Low Protein Peroxide Prevulcanised NR Latices
Standard Latex TeatsMRB has recently developed a low-protein peroxide prevulcanised NR latex that is able to address the three major health related issues simultaneously, namely nitrosamines, chemical sensitizers and proteins.

Manufacturing Process

The flowchart below shows one of the processes of producing low protein peroxide prevulcanised NR latex.

Processes of producing low protein peroxide prevulcanized NR latex


The Table below shows typical values of the nitrogen content of low protein peroxide prevulcanised NR latex and the extractable protein and allergenic protein contents of films prepared from this latex.
prevulcanised latex
Nitrogen (%)
Extractable proteinsb (mg/dm2)
Allergenic proteinc
< 50
a Films were wet-gel leached (5 minutes at 50C) plus post-dry leached (30 seconds at 50C).
b ASTM D5712-99 method
c IgE-ELISA inhibition method
The tensile properties of film prepared from low protein peroxide prevulcanised NR latex are similar to that prepared normal peroxide prevulcanised NR latex.
Other Info
  Processing Flow Chart
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