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Rubber Fender
Fenders are buffers between vessels and the wharf. The principal function of a fendering system is to provide protection for both wharf and vessel by absorbing the vessel's berthing energy thus reducing the forces on both the wharf structure and vessel. The used of fender allow a reduction of wharf construction costs and provides ship owners with a satisfactory system for ship protection.

Fender systems vary from quite complicated arrangements to virtually no fendering. The simpler the better. Most usual form of modern fendering is rubber in various shapes, an improvement of the old rubber tire or steel flexible piles.

Manufacturing Process
  • Preparation of rubber compound
  • Preparation of steel plates
  • Application of bonding agent
  • Compression moulding according to the shape of the fender
Arch Fender
Arch Fender
Cone Fender
Cone Fender
Cylindrical Fender
Cylindrical Fender
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